People Behind Nomou

We are Hemali and Samir, the Makers and Minds behind nomou - Plant Based Gelato. Our journey into the world of Plant Based Gelato initially began as an experiment when our son Aarav, who is raised vegan, was mocked by his friends for not eating ice creams. We had considerable experience in the Plant Based Foods through Vegan Bites, our Meal Delivery and Catering Service that started in 2013. We catered for everything except Desserts and Ice Creams, however, our son's wish was our command. Like this, Nomou came into existence. Nomou is derived from ‘No-Moo’ which means ‘no to cow’s milk’.

Why Choose Us?

All our flavours are Dairy-Free, Refined Sugar Free, outrageously Creamy and made with minimal ingredients in small batches to minimise the processing. Each gelato is made from no more than three to four ingredients. Our artisanal Plant Based Gelato is free from preservatives, artificial flavours, colours or GMOs. As vegans, the scarcity of quality plant-based ice cream has bugged us for years - and this was the catalyst. We wanted to contribute in our own way to making the world a little better and a little tastier.

We are an Eco-Friendly and a Vegan Company. All our products are vegan and made in our 100 % vegan manufacturing facility - so you'll never see 'may contain traces of milk or eggs' label on our gelato tubs. Launched in June, 2020, our handcrafted gelato is now available in various cities across India including - Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Goa, Jaipur, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Indore and Kolkata.